How can I check the digital signature of a credit note?

If you are a VAT registered publisher according to German UstG, zanox will provide a digitally signed PDF for download. Due to legal requirements, you must check the digital signature of the credit note PDF file and archive both the PDF file and the verification report in a digital form, acceptable for auditing purposes for a period of 10 years.

To check the digital signature of a credit note PDF file proceed as follows:

Step 1: Select Settings > Payment and click on the Credit Notes tab to view a list of all credit notes that have been issued until now.

Step 2: Select the credit note whose PDF signature you need to check and click on the link Download credit note to save your digitally signed PDF file to your computer.

NOTE: The digital signature invalidates when the signed PDF is saved by using the "Save as" function in Adobe Acrobat. This function changes the document header and invalidates the signature. Please use the "Save" function from your e-mail programme or browser only.

Step 3: Open the URL in your browser.

>> You will access the website "Signature-Check" - an online provider for digital signature verification.

Step 4: Click on the button Verification START to start the signature verification process.

>> A dialogue window opens.

Step 5: In the new window, select your credit note PDF file to be checked and click Start verification.

>> The digital signature check starts. The verification results are displayed in the verification report. If the signature check was successful, you will be displayed the message File OK - Online verification successful.

Step 6: Archive both the credit note PDF file and verification report.