How do I find suitable ad media?

There are many ways of finding suitable ad media. For instance, in the Programme Directory you can open the Accepted tab to view the programmes you are affiliated to, select a programme and click the icon in the Actions column. This will take you back to the zanox "classic" User Interface where you can view a list of ad media available for this programme and download the ad media codes to put them on your website.

If you are looking for ad media to promote special products, you can go to Links & Tools > Links > Products & Incentives, then click on the Products tab to look for interesting products that would fit your publisher activities. The Product Finder allows you to search for products across all your programmes and to download the tracking link and also the full HTML ad media code for each product.

NOTE: You can only get ad media for programmes you are already affiliated to. If you want to use the ad media of a programme you are not yet affiliated to, please apply to the programme first.


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