How are my programme KPIs calculated?

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is defined as ratio of visitors who convert casual content views or website visits into desired actions (e.g. leads or sales). The conversion rate is obtained by dividing the total of all open, approved and confirmed transactions (leads and sales) by the number of clicks in %.

Confirmation rate (sales/leads)

The confirmation rate is defined as ratio of all confirmed transactions (leads and sales) to the number of all confirmed and rejected transactions (leads and sales) in %.

Approval time

The approval time is the time you take to approve a tracked lead or sale. The approval time is displayed in days.


The earnings per click help publishers measure how much money they earn per click. The EPC is obtained by dividing the commissions for all open, approved, and confirmed leads and sales by the number of clicks.

Payment time

The payment time measures the time it takes for a publisher to receive their commission for a tracked sale/lead. For a publisher to receive a commission you must approve the lead/sale and zanox must confirm it. zanox will only confirm a lead/sale if your zanox account is covered.


The AdRank is a zanox measure for the commercial potential of programmes. The AdRank is dynamically calculated based on parameters such as turnover, conversion rate, confirmed leads/sales, traffic, etc. The AdRank can range between 0 (lowest AdRank) and 10 (highest AdRank).

All KPIs except for the AdRank are calculated once a day. The AdRank is calculated on a weekly basis.


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