Can I use HTML tags in my profile description?

Yes, you can use HTML tags in the long description on the Overview tab. To add HTML tags to your long description, simply click the icon to open the long description in edit mode and in the editor toolbar click on Source to view the HTML source text. Here you can add the following HTML tags:

<p> --- Creates a text paragraph


<h3> to <h6> --- Section headings at different levels, h3 being the highest.


<ol> --- An ordered (enumerated) list.


<ul> --- An unordered (bulleted) list.


<li> --- A list item in ordered (ol) or unordered (ul) lists.


<blockquote> --- A block-level quotation. The default presentation of block quotations in visual browsers is usually to indent them from both margins.


<a> --- An anchor. Combined with href it becomes a hyperlink to another resource such as a PDF file or other type of document you want to include in your profile.


<br /> --- A forced line-break.


<b> --- Sets font to boldface where possible.


<i> --- Sets font to italic where possible.


<table> --- Identifies a table.


<tr> --- Contains a row of cells in a table.


<th> --- A table header cell; contents are conventionally displayed bold and centred.


<td> --- A table data cell, column.



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