I am new in the marketplace - What are my first steps?

Verify your ad space

Verify your ad space in order to be able to apply to programmes and earn commissions. Go to Profile > My Ad Spaces to verify ownership of your ad space.


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Promote your business and complete your profile

Complete your publisher profile to promote your business and to engage advertisers to work with you. Only publishers with a complete profile are displayed in the Publisher Directory and can be found by advertisers. Click on Profile and start promoting yourself.

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Discover the best programmes

Go to Programmes > Apply to Programmes and click the icon to join exciting new programmes. You can review and rank programmes by performance metrics such as conversion rate, approval time or EPC and find the programme that performs best in your specific publisher segment.

Click on Programmes > My Programmes to see all programmes you are already affiliated to.

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Get banners and links

Download banners and links to put on your website and to generate traffic for the advertiser. Go to Programmes > My Programmes and click the icon to view the list of banners and links available for the programme.

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