How do I use the Mass Importer?

Export file

For any program you want to generate ad media for, you need an Ad Media Excel export file. In the zanox User Interface, go to Account Management > Manage Ad Media to open the Ad Media Manager. Click Export and download the excel file. In the Mass Importer, click on Upload Excel File and upload this file again. A few seconds later, you should see the categories of the program.

Data entry

The following data is mandatory:


zanox Ad Media Category


Ad media will get generated in this mode

Series name

A unique name for this series of ad media, like "Easter Special" or "Women's Fashion"

Ad media URLs

URLs of ad media. These can be of any of these types: Image, Flash, HTML or text link

Landing page URLs

Target URL(s) of the ad media. You can provide either one URL for every or one URL for each ad media.

After you entered the mandatory data, click on Check Ad Media. According to the amount of generated ad media, this process can last up to a minute.

Data check

A list of generated ad media will appear. Ad media dimensions and other parameters will be read out and all ad media data as well as code for flash ad media will be generated automatically. According to the result, the ad media will have a green (no errors), yellow (good, with warnings) or red (critical errors) background. You can see the errors that occurred at every ad media. At this stage, you have the opportunity to change the generated Ad Media names or Target URLs.

Update mode

Now you can also replace an older ad media series. For this, click on a drop down field right next to Replace Ad Media. You will see the ad media that can be replaced by the current ad medium. These will be all existing ad media of the same type and dimensions. If you choose one, the Mass Importer will try to guess the right series and switch all other ad media to "update mode" as possible. These banners will have a blue background to distinguish them from "inserted" banners.

Data export

As soon as the necessary checks have been made, please click on Output Now, below the generated ad media. You will get an excel file as a result, which you can save on your computer and re-import into the Ad Media Manager in the zanox UI. Please remember that only ad media without errors (meaning without red background) will get exported.


Ad media of type "Script" or "HTML" need a relase from the zanox Banner Team. If you generated ad media of type Flash or HTML, then you will get an additional dialog window when you click on Output Now, where you can request a release from the zanox Banner team. If you want to use this (recommended), please enter the e-mail addresses that you want to be notified on release here (comma separated) and click on Export and request release. An additional mail to will not be neccessary for these ad media. For testing purposes, you can also click Export only, which will not send a release request to the zanox Banner Team.

The zanox Banner Team will check and release your ad media within two working days after import and notify you on the e-mail addresses provided.


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