How can I create deeplinks with the zanox Deeplink Generator?

What are deeplinks?

In contrast to “surface links”, deeplinks are not directing to the homepage but to detailed landing pages (deeper pages within a website). For publishers it is recommended to deeplink to specific topic or product pages within an advertisers website.

Why should I create deeplinks?

Deeplinks are very useful for your users as they get directed to the related product on the advertiser page. The more relevant the advertisers landing page is to your content, the more likely it is that the user click will convert into a transaction.


If your website is about fashion and you would like to promote a specific pair of red pumps, it is recommended to create a link to the advertisers page where this pair of pumps can be found. With the zanox Deeplink Generator you can convert the URL of the advertisers landing page directly into an affiliate tracking link.

Find out where your leads are coming from

The zanox Deeplink Generator not only tracks how many transactions you generated, it also enables you to track additional data about the conversion of the particular deeplink. With zanox GPP tracking you can add labels to your tracking links, which you can be extended with information about the ad media (link, banner, link text etc.) or the location of your ad media (blog, website, etc.). In your zanox statistics you will find this additional data, providing information about the conversion of different deeplinks.These labels are optional, but enable you to further optimize your performance.

How can I create deeplinks?

You can start creating deeplinks right away! Just log in with your zanox account into the zanox deeplink generator and follow these steps:


Select your ad space.


Fill in the z parameters (optionally).


Insert the URL where you want to link to.


Generate the deeplink.


Integrate the generated deeplink on your website.



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