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Publisher Beginner's Guide

Learn how to get started in the zanox marketplace.


Help sheet

Where do I find what? Learn to navigate the marketplace to quickly access your profile, ad spaces, statistics and programme directory.

Ad space verification guide

Learn why and how to verify ownership of your ad space.


Ad Delivery User Guide

Learn how to use our new and powerful ad management solution to serve and optimise banners on your website. Go to and start optimising your banner ads now!


Sub-ID management with GPP

Learn how you can use the GPP parameters to pass your sub-IDs to the zanox tracking system every time zanox tracks a sale or lead for you.


True Post View Publisher Guide

Learn how you can use the zanox True Post View (TPV) tracking technology to boost performance and increase revenue.


Real-time publisher tracking

Find out more about the zanox real-time publisher tracking solutions.


Product data feeds

Learn how to use product data feeds to keep up-to-date with the latest products and prices an advertiser has to offer and to integrate unique content relevant to your market into your website.



Shared Tracking – Getting Started

In this short tutorial we will be showing you how to use Shared Tracking to optimise your traffic by configuring tracking URLs.



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