Help Centre for Publishers - Which information should I put into the profile?

The publisher profile gives you the unique opportunity to present your comprehensive business profile and to encourage advertisers to work with you. We therefore urge you to thoroughly fill in your profile to make sure you create a strong presence within the network. Below you'll find the information we recommend to put into each section of your publisher profile.

Left-hand panel

Put the following information into the left-hand panel:

Logo of your company or publisher business: The logo width should be 168 pixels.


Short summary of your publisher business: The short summary should describe your publisher activities and unique selling points in one or two sentences.
Example: SAMPLE INC. is an international flight comparison site in 8 markets. For advertisers we provide highly targeted leads and traffic in a cost effective way.


Links to your website, blog or Twitter account


Contact details of a person your partners on the network can contact


Overview tab

Use the Overview tab to add a long description of your publisher business. We recommend to put the following information into the long description:

Short summary of your publisher business: Repeat the short summary you entered in the left-hand panel to describe your publisher activities and unique selling points in one or two sentences.


Detailed description of your publisher activities: Describe your business model in detail, outline the sales regions you are active in, the industry sectors for which you want to work, and the type of commission models which are particularly interesting to you.


Key figures: Give some facts and figures about your publisher business such as exclusive deals, unique users, high conversion rates, the kind of traffic you generate, etc.


Company description: Give a short description of your company and its key figures.


English summary: Add a short summary of your publisher activities in English to make sure your profile will also attract advertisers that work in different markets/countries.


NOTE: The long description is limited to 4.000 characters and can include HTML tags to make it more prominent.


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