Help Centre for Publishers - What is TPV?

TPV is short for True Post View Tracking and is a controlled method of tracking user actions which result from the display of ad media such as banners or layers. TPV combines high margins, good products and known brands with wide reach and quality websites.

As a specialised, post view based solution, TPV enables advertisers to tap into new premium display inventory. The objective of TPV is the performance-based processing of the CPM market, i.e. to open an advertiser’s programme to publishers with high volumes of traffic, while at the same time charging the advertiser on a cost-per-action basis. Find more details about this tracking technology in the TPV Publisher Guide.

Transparency and quality in TPV tracking are of upmost importance in the zanox affiliate network. Only approved publishers who have obtained clearance from the advertiser are allowed to use TPV tracking. In addition, the zanox code of conduct sets specific guidelines for TPV activities.


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