Help Centre for Publishers - Which information do the statistics provide?

The statistics provide you with an overview of all generated views, clicks, leads, and sales, of the commissions earned over a defined period of time, and of some key performance indicators such as conversion rate, confirmation rate or click-through rate. Each report displays the following views:

Overview: Gives an overview of all transactions


Leads details: Displays information on all generated leads


Sales details: Displays information on all generated sales


If you are power user or professional publisher, you may also want to use the enhanced configuration settings on the Advanced > Selection tab to define your own report settings such as the report period, programmes or ad spaces you want to run a report on and to save your settings as user-defined report.

You can group the report results on three levels which you can also freely define on the Advanced > Selection tab. For instance, you could choose to group the report results by programme, within the programme group by ad space and within the ad space group by ad media.


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